03 Apr 2020


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Today, all countries in the world are facing difficulties in the economy. After the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the status of the COVID-19 outbreak became a pandemic, the world economy has declined. Read More

02 Apr 2020

How Hard COVID-19 Outbreak Could Hit Indonesia’s Energy Sector?

COVID-19 Pandemic Timeline

2020 might be one of the most unforgettable years by most people worldwide. The COVID-19 virus outbreak has led to a total disaster to many countries. It all started at the very end of 2019 as shown in Figure 1, on 31 December 2019, China’s government alerted World Health Organization (WHO) on their finding to 40 pneumonia alike cases from an unknown virus in Wuhan, Hubei. On 7 January, officials announced that they already identify a new virus named 2019-nCovid and was classified as coronavirus family, which includes seasonal flu and SARS. Read More

02 Apr 2020

Energy Saving Act: By You for You


Energy is a vital factor in our everyday life. People use energy for transportation, cooking, air conditioning, watching TV, using computer, charging phone and for many other activities. Nowadays, the dependency on energy is very high, without energy, the economy or even health could be dangerously threatened. Read More

02 Apr 2020

Advancing biogas development: lessons from China

By: Ibnu Budiman Researcher of Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University & Research

Fragmented biogas governance in Indonesia
To cope with depleting oil reserves and the rise of GHGs emission, energy transition is being promoted, one of them is done through biogas. Several institutions and companies in Indonesia have begun to produce biogas from livestock dung, palm oil effluents and other organic wastes. Read More