02 Apr 2020

Advancing biogas development: lessons from China

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By: Ibnu Budiman Researcher of Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University & Research

Fragmented biogas governance in Indonesia
To cope with depleting oil reserves and the rise of GHGs emission, energy transition is being promoted, one of them is done through biogas. Several institutions and companies in Indonesia have begun to produce biogas from livestock dung, palm oil effluents and other organic wastes. Yet, it is still not too massive, the number of disseminations of small-medium biodigester is only around 37,000 (ESDM, 2018). This number only accounts for less than 2% energy source for cooking. While it has potential to be developed to contribute to 13.3 per cent of the country’s energy source, one of the barriers comes from policy and governance aspect.


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